Time Series Graph

Are you responsible for preparing periodic reports? Does your company need you to create quarter reports? This Excel tutorial is perfect for you. Teach yourself here how to insert time series graphs in Excel.

Preparation of time series data analysis

In the case of time series plot, the key thing is to properly prepare the data. In order for the time series chart to be properly prepared, you need data that contain an equal time interval.

In my case, the data includes sales and cost of goods sold for quarters.

To start creating a times period graph, select your data table.

Time Series Graph data table

Inserting a time series chart in Excel

Then go to Insert > Scatter > Scatter with Smooth Lines. You will get a chart like this:

Scatter with Smooth Lines inserted

Edit horizontal axis. To edit the horizontal axis, right-click the horizontal and go to Format Axis. A tab will appear on the right.

Time Series Graph format horizontal axis

Under axis options, change the maximum to 4 and the major (under units sections) to 1.

Time Series Graph format axis min max

Delete the horizontal gridlines. Your final graph will look like this.

time series graph ready

I only presented a simple timing chart, but hopefully you found out how to fix your problem.

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