How to Make a Flow Chart in Excel

The flowchart is a very useful chart if you wish to know how to process a certain task to get a very specific result. You might have a good understanding of what you would like to do, which is very likely. But, it might be a challenge to your memory capacity. This makes the flowchart a useful tool to make the task process simple. It would also make it possible for you to know which decisions you would like to make for the best possible result. Basically, a flowchart is something that successfully makes your decision process easy to get the result you like. We are going to create a flowchart together using Microsoft Excel. I don't know which Microsoft Excel version you are using, but I will be using the 2013 version.

It is also possible to do the flowchart in Microsoft Word, but it is possible that it is a lot easier for you to use Microsoft Excel for the flowchart creation. The reason varies, and it might be because Microsoft Excel makes it possible for you to do the flowchart creation without considering the size of the paper. Microsoft Words has a standard size, while Microsoft Excel is bigger and longer, without any line breaks.

Excel columns have standard sizes that make it possible to know how many columns each shape should cover in order to have a specific size for each shape. This is because there is a standard size for each column that Microsoft Excel entails. This makes it possible to decide how many columns you would like each shape to cover when drawing the shapes.

Decision Process

We are going to start by creating the flow chart, by initially deciding what you would like to have in the result. We have decided to choose to create a flowchart as an end-result. Your decision-process is up to you, so pick what you would like to participate in the decision-making process for you to get the end result you desire.

Creating a flow chart

With the understanding of what we are going to have in the final result, we can now start creating the flowchart.

You should click on the one marked in black and labeled as number 1, and choose the shape symbol, which is number 2 in the picture above. In number 2, you could pick the type of shape you would like to use.

insert flow chart

You should now have the first part of the flowchart. The first thing you need to do is click on the shape you just created, and then type in what you would like to participate in the decision-making process. In this case, we have written "Click on Insert" as it is participating in the process.

click on insert flow graph

In the insert tab, which is the same thing you did before, you would be able to see the different lines and shapes that you would be doing. But this time, we are going to choose one of the lines, and then place it right beside the first shape we have just created.

shape flow plot

You should repeat this and this time choose a shape. You should continue to refine the whole process of decision-making.

two shapes

Continuing, you create as many shapes and arrows as you want.

In conclusion, the instructions provided above are enough to really help you create the flowchart. It is important to avoid using any shortcuts that could compromise the result. If it is crucial for a certain decision to be made for you to reach the next phase of your decision process, then you should add it to the shape, or you will compromise the usefulness of your flowchart.