Pie chart

In this lesson you can learn how to insert pie chart.

A pie chart is often used at home, office and business. Its popularity comes mainly from the transparency of the presented data. A pie chart is best suited to show the data as part of a whole. For example data about sales you can create a chart like this:

Excel Pie Chart Example

Let's see how to create such a pie chart.

You have already learned how to create a chart in Excel. A pie chart is created the same way as any other type. Action starts with the selection of data. First prepare a table with data.

Excel Pie Chart table with data

Then go to the Insert tab in the ribbon Excel. Find and select the Charts section -> Pie. You will insert a chart like this:

Excel Pie Chart default chart

Next steps are:

  • adding legenda
  • creating chart title
  • personalisation a chart as you wish

Pie Chart is ready! Isn't it easy?