How to Create Stock Chart in Excel

In this Excel charting tutorial, you will learn how to make a stock chart in Excel. You can use such a graph everytime you have open, high, low, close data values.

Stock data preparation

Your data should include the stock’s name, date, and stock price. You can use the following columns: “Date”, “Open”, “High”, “Low”, and “Close”.

stock chart data table

Note: Depending on the kind of stock chart, you could rather label the data with high, low, and closing price, or volume traded, high, low, and closing price. You could also use volume, open, high, low, and the closing.

Mark just the open, high, low and close columns, and click on Quick analysis.

stock chart mark few columns

Inserting a stock chart

Click charts, and then press More.

stock chart more charts

Select the type of stock chart you want to create.

choose stock chart

Right-click on legends, and click select data.

stock chart select data

Click edit on horizontal.

stock chart edit horizontal

Choose stock’s names.

stock name

Press ok.

stock chart click ok

The chart will be inserted into your worksheet.

Stock Chart Excel

You can format the chart to your liking by adding a title, changing the axis labels, or adjusting the colors.

How to create a live stock chart in Excel

A live stock chart is a chart that displays real-time stock prices. This can be useful for traders and investors who want to track the latest market movements.

To create a live stock chart in Excel, you can use the Get External Data button to import live stock data from a website. The data will be imported into a new worksheet, and you can then create a chart from it.

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To keep the live stock chart up to date, you can set it to refresh automatically. To do this, right-click on the chart and select Chart Options. In the Chart Options dialog box, select the Auto Refresh option and specify the refresh interval.

There are many websites that provide live stock data you can use a the source.

Troubleshooting Excel Stock Charts

There are a few reasons why an Excel stock chart might not be working. Here are some things to check:

  • Make sure that the data is in the correct format. The data should be in a table with the following columns: Date, Open, High, Low, Close
  • Make sure that the data is not corrupted. Try opening the data in a different spreadsheet program to see if it is corrupt.
  • Make sure that the chart type is correct. The chart type should be set to Stock.
  • Make sure that the chart is not hidden. Check the View tab to see if the chart is hidden.
  • Make sure that the chart is not filtered. Check the Data tab to see if the chart is filtered.

Here you can download free template of Stock Chart.