How to Draw a Line Between Two Points in Excel

Drawing a line between two points in Excel helps illustrate relationships. It’s useful for presentations and data analysis. Follow these easy steps to create a line.

Step 1: Insert Your Data

First, enter your data points in Excel. You need two points: start and end. Place them in two cells.

Step 2: Select the Chart Type

  • Go to the “Insert” tab.
  • Click “Charts”.
  • Choose “Scatter” from the chart options.
  • Select “Scatter with Straight Lines”. This option is perfect for drawing a line between two points.

Step 3: Add Your Data to the Chart

  • With the chart selected, go to “Design”.
  • Click “Select Data”.
  • Click “Add” to enter your data series.
  • For “Series X values”, select the X coordinates of your points.
  • For “Series Y values”, select the Y coordinates.

Step 4: Customize Your Line

  • Click on the line in the chart.
  • Use the “Format” tab to change the line’s style or color.
  • You can make the line thicker, dashed, or change its color.

Step 5: Remove Unnecessary Elements

Click on any elements you don’t need, like the chart title or gridlines. Press “Delete” on your keyboard.

Step 6: Position Your Line

Drag your chart or line to position it where you want on the sheet.

Tips for a Perfect Line

  • Ensure your data points are accurate.
  • Use the “Format” options to make your line stand out.
  • Save your Excel file to keep the line for future reference.