Nested IF function in Excel

The "IF" function in Excel allows you to make a logical comparison between a value and what you expect, and returns a result based on whether the comparison is true or false. You can nest multiple "IF" functions to perform more complex comparisons and make decisions based on multiple conditions.

Let's together create formula with nested if with combined AND & OR functions. You will need that to select data from your table. This Excel's lesson is for analytics who would like to select some particular data from the huge data set.

Nested data preparation

You will input the data and establish a criteria. In the following example, the selection criteria is that players with batting average above 25 and strike rate above 30 or batting average above 60 will be selected.

data table if and or

Inserting nested if formula

In the IF function, you will first insert the OR statement which in this example is batting average should be above 60.

We will enter this in Excel as follows:

nested or statement

Now, in the IF function, we will insert the AND statement which in our example is that batting average should be above 25 and strike rate above 30. We will enter this in Excel highlighted as follows:

nested and statement

Finally, we will first input what would be the outcome if criteria is fullfilled and then we will enter what will be the outcome if criteria is not fulfilled. In this case, it is "Select" and "Reject".

if and or formula nested

Formula here is:


Feel free to use it. Check the image above to see which addresses you may need to change.

You can nest as many "IF" functions as you need, but it's important to keep in mind that each "IF" function adds complexity to the formula, so it's best to use nested "IF" functions sparingly and only when necessary.

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