How to Show Calculation Steps in Excel

Showing calculation steps in Microsoft Excel has multiple steps. 

Data preparation

But first, please see this data that shows how to show the formula calculation steps when there is an error.

formula error

Note: It is clicking on the arrow (1) and then choosing "Show calculation steps" (2). This is perfect when the result has errors.

1. Select the result by clicking on it.

click result


Showing formula calculation steps

2. Select formula (1) and then evaluate formula (2).

evaluate formula


3. Click on Evaluate

click evaluate


Keep clicking "Evaluation" to evaluate all your formulas. This is in case you have multiple formulas like =SUM(A2:A6,B2:B5). A2 to A6 is one formula, and B2 to B5 is another. Repeating this click on evaluate will show the result of A2:A6, and B2:B5 respectively.