How to Create Bond Repayment Calculator

In this Excel tutorial, you will learn how to prepare bond repayment calculator in Excel.

How to create bond calculator?

For you to create a bond calculator, you first need data like this:

input variables

Put in the values of your choice. They act as components in the bond calculation.

Bond repayment formula

Type =PMT(B5/12;B6*12;-B4;0;0) next to Bond Payment Per Month (1).

bond repayment per month

Note: The =PMT(annual interest rate/12(number of months in a year);Period of Bonds*12(also number of months in a year). Place a minus symbol before the bond amount. This minus symbol will make it possible to get an accurate result.

Click beside total period interest (1) and type =B12-B4.

period interest


Click beside total bond repayment (1) and type =B10*12*B6.

total bond repayment