How to Create Bond Repayment Calculator

In this Excel tutorial, you will learn how to prepare bond repayment calculator in Excel.

How to create bond calculator?

A bond repayment calculator in Excel can help you determine the payment schedule and total interest paid on a bond over time. Here's how you can create one:

For you to create a bond calculator, you first need data like this:

input variables

Put in the values of your choice. They act as components in the bond calculation.

Bond repayment formula

Calculate the payment amount. Use the "PMT" function in Excel to calculate the payment amount. The "PMT" function requires the rate, number of payments, and present value as inputs.

Type =PMT(B5/12;B6*12;-B4;0;0) next to Bond Payment Per Month (1).

bond repayment per month

Note: The =PMT(annual interest rate/12(number of months in a year);Period of Bonds*12(also number of months in a year). Place a minus symbol before the bond amount. This minus symbol will make it possible to get an accurate result.

Click beside total period interest (1) and type =B12-B4.

period interest


Click beside total bond repayment (1) and type =B10*12*B6.

total bond repayment

These steps should help you create a bond repayment calculator in Excel. This can be a useful tool for investors and analysts who want to understand the payment schedule and total interest paid on a bond over time. Keep in mind that you may need to make adjustments to the calculator depending on the specific bond and payment schedule.