How to convert negative number to positive?

The steps below shows how to convert a negative number to a positive number.

Data preparation

Write -1 in a blank cell, copy it and then select the negative numbers.

Note: If a negative number are not adjacent, select the first negative number and then hold Ctrl key, and select the other negative numbers.

convert negative to positive minus one

After you have selected all the negative number, right click, a drop down menu will appear from which you have to select "Paste Special".

convert negative to positive paste special

Paste special

A new drop down menu will appear. Select "Paste Special" option at the bottom of the drop down menu then select "Multiply" option from the operation. Click ok.

convert negative to positive multiply

All the negative number selected are now positive.

convert negative to positive numbers converted

ABS function

To convert a negative number to positive in Excel, you can use the "ABS" function. The "ABS" function returns the absolute value of a number, which is the positive value of the number, regardless of whether it's positive or negative. Here's how you can use it:

  1. Select a cell: Select the cell where you want to convert the negative number to positive.
  2. Enter the formula: Type the formula =ABS(cell reference) in the selected cell, where "cell reference" is the cell containing the negative number you want to convert. For example, if the negative number is in cell A1, the formula would be =ABS(A1).
  3. Press "Enter": Press the "Enter" key to apply the formula. The result will be the absolute value of the negative number, which is a positive value.
  4. Copy the formula: If you want to convert multiple negative numbers to positive, you can copy the formula from the first cell and paste it into the other cells.

This is how you can convert a negative number to positive in Excel using the "ABS" function. The function is easy to use and can be a useful tool for cleaning up data and ensuring that all values are positive.