How to Reduce Excel File Size?

There are different ways to reduce the file size of Excel. You could zip the file, save it as xml, or compress the file.

File size

But first, look at this file's size:

file size

Note: You could just right-click on the file, and choose zip or compress in the options shown. However, you would need a program like WinRAR, WinZip, or any other program that zips. If that suits you perfectly, please do.

How to compress Excel file?

Open the file, click on the things that make the file large (in this case, the picture).

size of picture

With the picture marked, click on format (1), and then compress picture (2).

compress pictures

Press ok.

press ok

Note: Repeat these steps on all the pictures, or other.

Use "Save As" to save the file in xlsb format.

xlsb format

In conclusion, the size reduction might not be much, but it is something.

Use tables instead of ranges

Tables are a useful feature in Excel that can help you organize and analyze data. When you create a table, Excel automatically adds filtering and sorting capabilities to the data. Additionally, tables are more compact than ranges, so using tables can help you reduce the size of your Excel file.

Remove unused styles and themes

Excel workbooks can contain many styles and themes that are not used in the workbook. To remove unused styles and themes, go to the "Home" tab, select the "Styles" drop-down, and then select "Clean Up Styles." Excel will remove any styles that are not used in the workbook.

Remove external links

External links in Excel can increase the size of your workbook because Excel needs to store the link information in the file. To remove external links, go to the "Data" tab, select "Edit Links," and then select the "Break Link" button.

In conclusion, there are many ways to reduce the size of an Excel file. By removing unnecessary data, compressing pictures, using tables instead of ranges, removing unused styles and themes, removing external links, and saving the workbook as a binary file, you can significantly reduce the size of your Excel file and make it easier to share, store, and open on different devices.