How to Use Spin Button in Excel

In this lesson you will learn how to create and configure spin button in Excel.

Insert a form

A Spin button in Excel is a control that allows you to increment or decrement a value in a cell by clicking the up or down arrows of the Spin button. Here's how to use it:

To insert spin button first go to Ribbon > Developer tab > Insert > Form controls and click Spin button.

Excel Insert Spin Button

Put spin button in your spreadsheet and adjust size. It should look like this:

Excel Spin Button Size

Format the Spin Button

To configure spin button click right button and go to Format control > Control tab.

Excel Spin Button Format Control

In the Format Control dialog box, go to the "Control" tab.

Choose Minimum value, Maximum value, Incremental change and link spin button with a cell.

Excel Spin Button Properties

Now you can increase or decrease value in the cell. In this way you can change values of cells which are connected with formulas or charts.

In the "Minimum value" and "Maximum value" fields, enter the minimum and maximum values that you want the linked cell to have.

In the "Incremental change" field, enter the amount that the linked cell should increase or decrease when the Spin Button is clicked.

Click OK.

Now you can use the Spin Button to increase or decrease the value in the linked cell by clicking the up or down arrow of the Spin Button.