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How to Add Scroll Bar in Excel

In this Excel lesson, you will learn how to insert Scroll Bar to your worksheet. Also you will find out how useful is to insert it to make your worksheet more interactive and dynamic.

The ribbon

To insert a scroll bar in your Excel worksheet, you would first have to open the Developer tab.

To open the DEVELOPER tab, place your cursor at the menu bar and right click anywhere. Select Customize the Ribbon from the drop down menu.

The option dialog box will open. In the option dialog box Under Customize the Ribbon: Main Tabs select the Developer check box and click on the ok button.

The developer tap is now visible and is present next to the view tab on the top menu bar. Now click on the Developer tab, select insert and then Scroll Bar (Form Control).

Insert a scroll bar

Right-click on the scroll bar and click anywhere on your worksheet. Click and drag on the worksheet to create the Scroll Bar control. You can adjust its size and position as needed.

Right-click on the scroll bar. Select format control from the dropdown menu and then go to the controls tab. Insert values you would like in here and that’s it! You have done it!

In the Format Control dialog box, you can set the minimum and maximum values for the scroll bar, as well as the incremental change when the scroll bar is moved. You can also set the page change, which is the amount the value changes when you click in the scroll bar’s background.

You can use the value stored in the assigned cell to control other elements in your worksheet. For example, you can use the value to control the number of rows displayed in a table, the position of a chart, or the input to a calculation.


Now, you are able to make your worksheet more interactive and dynamic. Scrool Bars will help you to scroll your Charts, Dashboards and reports.

This is the chart with scrollbar you can easily insert:

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