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How to Insert Page Numbers?

Inserting page numbers in Excel is a straightforward task. Let’s walk through the steps together to ensure you understand how to insert page numbers in Excel efficiently.

How to insert text?

To begin, click on Insert. This is your first step towards adding page numbers.

Look to the right side and click on Text. This will lead you to the next set of options.

Adding a footer

Choose Header and Footer after clicking on the arrow beneath Text in the second step. This action will redirect you to the section where you can insert page numbers in Excel.

Click on Number of Pages. This will allow you to add sequential numbering to your document.

Click on an empty cell in any of the columns. Before you clicked, you might have seen a 0 or &[Pages]; this will change to the actual number of pages once you click on an empty cell.

Note: To ensure that page numbers appear on every page when you print your worksheet, you may need to adjust the print area or set up page breaks. Go to the Page Layout tab on the ribbon and use the Page Setup section to customize your print settings.

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