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How to Use Group Box in Excel

In this Excel tutorial, you will learn how to create and configure a frame in Excel.

When you use many controls in your controls, the group box could be quite important for you. A group box groups controls such as radio button or checkbox.

A Group Box in Excel is a container that can be used to group related controls, such as check boxes, option buttons, or other controls, together. You can use a Group Box to help organize your data and improve the usability of your spreadsheet.

Inserting Group Box

To insert a group box into the spreadsheet in Excel, first go to the Developer tab, in the Controls group. Click Insert, and then, under Form Controls, click Group Box.

Click on the worksheet location where you want to insert the group box. Draw the Group Box on the worksheet by clicking and dragging to the size you want.

To set the control’s properties, right-click the icon, and then click Format Control. In the Properties section, you can change the name, caption, and other properties of the Group Box.

Example of group boxes in Excel

To add controls to the Group Box, you can use the other control options from the Developer tab, such as Option Button, Check Box, or others.

Group Box with Check Boxes: Ideal for allowing multiple selections within a grouped category.

Group Box with Option Buttons: Best for exclusive choices, where selecting one option deselects others.

To change the properties of the controls inside the Group Box, you can right-click on the control and select Properties.

By using a Group Box, you can better organize your data and provide a more user-friendly interface for your users.

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