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Chart with Arrows ↗️

In this charting tutorial, we will create the Excel chart with arrows. To create a chart with arrows in Excel, you can use a combination of the built-in chart types and custom shapes.

We must start with creating some sales data and then we will create a simple chart from the same.

Please find below the sales data for 7 days of a week for a company. It will look like this is an Excel spreadsheet:

Now, we will create a simple bar chart from the Excel file as shown below. Select the entire data:

From the Insert tab from Excel, select insert > column chart:

Select 2d column:

Unselect Day from select data:

Chart will look like this now:

Adding arrows in Excel

Now, we will have to convert these columns to arrows. Insert > shapes > arrow:

Drag the space on Excel to draw arrow:

Inserting arrows in chart

After selecting the arrow press ctrl + c to copy the arrow. Then select all the bars in the chart:

After selection, just type ctrl + v to paste all the shapes to the bars of the chart, and then it will look like the below arrow chart.

Then we can remove the extra arrow.

Note: You can also use other shapes, such as callout boxes or speech bubbles, to annotate the chart and create an arrow pointing to a specific data point or area.

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