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How to Make a Wind Rose in Excel

In this Excel lesson, you will learn how to create a Wind Rose chart in an Excel spreadsheet.

What is Wind Rose

Wind Rose is a graphic illustration of long-term meteorological statistics, directions and wind speeds occurring in different places of the globe. You can make a Wind Rose in Excel as well.

On today’s nautical charts are placed “wind roses”. A map for the Atlantic and the Pacific showing the distribution of winds in the area around 5-percent (three hundred miles square) for each month of the year. The arrows show the direction of the wind, and the numbers indicate the strength (of the wind according to the Beaufort scale).

The percentage of time the wind blows from any direction, is measured by the length of the arrow graduated. The number placed in the center of the circle determines the amount of windless periods. The wind diagram is most often divided into 8 to 16 sectors depicting individual directions (N, S, E, W). The radius of filling individual sectors shows how often the wind blows from a given direction.

The wind rose is created by plotting the frequency of wind direction in concentric circles, with each circle representing a different wind speed. This type of graph is used to give a visual representation of the prevailing wind direction and wind speed patterns at a specific location over a specific period of time.

Preparing data for Wind Rose

To create a Wind Diagram in Excel first prepare some data:

Preparing the data is the most difficult step here.

Insert the Radar with the Makers chart

Wind Rose is a special kind of radar chart in Excel. A radar chart is just one of the basic types of charts in Excel. To create the Wind Rose highlight table of data and insert the Radar with Makers chart.

Once you have created the basic wind rose plot, you can customize it by changing the colors, adding labels, and adjusting the size of the plot. You can also add additional elements to the plot, such as the compass rose and the wind speed legend, to make it easier to interpret the data.

Finally, you can save the wind rose as a picture or chart, or you can copy and paste it into another document or presentation. You can also share the wind rose with others by exporting it to a file format that can be easily opened, such as PDF or PNG.

Wind Rose is ready.

As simple as it is, Only prepare the data and insert the Radar with Makers chart. This is how to get the Wind Rose chart in Excel.

Here you can download free Wind Rose template.

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