How to Create 3D Clustered Column Chart

With any data with values, it is possible to create a 3D chart. This is what we are going to do.

Data preparation

This is the data we are going to use for the 3D chart:

3d chart data table

Highlight Data.

3d chart mark data

Creating 3D Clustered Column Chart

Click Insert.

3d chart click insert

Click on Column chart

3d chart click column chart

Click on a chart in the 3-D Column, (I use 3-D Clustered Column).

3d clustered chart

Note: You can create a 3-D Cluster Column, 3-D Bar Chart, 3-D Line Chart, 3-D Area Chart, and 3-D Pie chart.

In conclusion, we have just created a 3-D chart that looks like this:

3d chart template

You can download free 3D chart template here