How to Create 3D Clustered Column Chart

With any data with values, it is possible to create a 3D chart. This is what we are going to do.

Data preparation

To create a 3D clustered column chart in Excel, follow these steps:

Select the data you want to chart: Pick the data range you want to chart, including labels and values.

3d chart data table

Highlight Data.

3d chart mark data

Creating 3D Clustered Column Chart

Go to the "Insert" tab.

3d chart click insert

Click on Column chart

3d chart click column chart

Click on a chart in the 3-D Column, (I use 3-D Clustered Column).

3d clustered chart

Note: You can create a 3-D Cluster Column, 3-D Bar Chart, 3-D Line Chart, 3-D Area Chart, and 3-D Pie chart.

In conclusion, we have just created a 3-D chart that looks like this:

3d chart template

Format chart: Customize the chart as desired, including adding a title, axis labels, gridlines, and data labels. You can also format the chart appearance by changing the color scheme, font size, and other elements.

Add data series: If you want to include multiple data series in the same chart, repeat steps 1-3 for each additional data set. You can then select the chart, go to the "Design" tab, and click on "Select Data." Add the additional data series to the chart by clicking "Add" and selecting the range for each series.

Adjust 3D formatting: You can adjust the 3D formatting of the chart by right-clicking on the chart, selecting "Format Data Series," and choosing the "3-D Format" option. Here, you can adjust the depth of the chart, the angle of view, and other 3D elements.

Finalize the chart: Once you have formatted the chart to your liking, you can save it or insert it into your Excel workbook. You can also use the chart in other applications, such as Word or PowerPoint, by copying and pasting it into the desired location.

These are the basic steps to create a 3D clustered column chart in Excel. You can also use other chart types, such as bar charts, line charts, or scatter plots, to represent your data in a different format. The choice of chart type will depend on the type of data you are working with and the message you want to convey.

You can download free 3D chart template here