How to Freeze Panes and Split in Excel

In Excel, you can freeze panes to keep the headings visible while you scroll through the data, and split the worksheet into separate panes to view different parts of the worksheet at the same time. In this lesson, you can learn how to freeze panes and how to split spreadseet.

You can use it, when you want to work in Excel with big data bases in your worksheet easier. You can do something like that:

Excel Splited

Let's see, how to do it.

You have quite a large table that does not fit in the Excel. For this reason, you do not see headers and it is hard you work. The table in this form is completely unreadable, but you can easily fix it.

Freeze Panes

Freezing Panes is that when scrolling the window of the table is in the same place. For example, you can block top row or first column of the table so to still have them visible. You know then, which means the data cell. In the picture you can't to see that. I will teach you to freeze header row and first column at the same time. Select the cell that is under the top row (row 4) and the right of the first column (column B). Typically, this is cell B2 but I did it C% for better understanding.

Excel Freeze Panes

Go to the ribbon. Choose View - Freeze Pane

Excel Freeze Panes Ribbon

Worksheet is frozen. Now, moving a table, row and column header will always be visible. The frozen panes will remain visible while you scroll through the data, allowing you to easily refer to the headings.

Excel Freeze Panes row and column

Note: Keyboard Shortcut for Freeze Panes is Alt + W + F + F

Worksheet Split

Another situation is when you haven't got enough space in the Worksheet. For example you need to have access to different parts of the sheet simultaneously. To avoid continuous scrolling, let's split it. In order to split the window in Excel, first select one of the cells. Then go to the ribbon according to the path: View - Split

Excel Split

The worksheet will be split into separate panes, allowing you to view different parts of the worksheet at the same time.

The screen was divided into four parts, which you can scroll independently! This is a great convenience in working with large data sheets.

Excel Splited Worksheet

Note: Keyboard Shortcut for Freeze Panes is Alt + W + S

You can use both freeze panes and split worksheet features in Excel to work more efficiently and make it easier to view and analyze your data.

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