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Waffle chart

In this lesson, you learn how to insert a Waffle Chart in Excel. Waffle Chart is a good choice for Power Point presentations.

Prepare data

To start preparing a Waffle Diagram in Excel you need to prepare chart area. I did it for 10 x 10 cells area what is the most used for that type of chart. As you see on the picture below I set grey color for cells background and changed font color to grey.

Conditional formatting

Next you need to set conditional formatting for cells inside a chart area. To do it go to ribbon and click Conditional Formatting -> New Rule.

New Formatting Rule should be set for cells that contain equal to TRUE value. You need to click Format button and set Font color and Fill to the same color. I chose blue.

The formula

Next click the first cell in your chart area and use this formula: =((ROW($E$13)-ROW())*10+COLUMN()-COLUMN($E13))<$P$5

Drag and drop the cell and set it for every cell in the whole area.

The chart

The last step is the value. Type some value to the P5 cell to check if the Waffle Chart is working properly.

In the end you can to format you chart.

After chart formatting your waffle graph can become more fancy like this one.

Waffle charts are a unique and eye-catching way to present data in a compact and easy-to-understand format. They are particularly useful for comparing data values in a graphical format, and can help to highlight patterns and trends in the data. Additionally, waffle charts can be used to illustrate proportions and ratios in a visually appealing way.

It’s important to note that while waffle charts can be effective for visualizing data, they are not suitable for all types of data or all applications.

For example, waffle charts may not be appropriate for data sets with a large number of categories, as the small squares in the chart can become difficult to distinguish from one another.

Additionally, waffle charts may not be the best choice for data sets with negative values, as it may be challenging to visually represent negative data in a square grid.

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