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How to Use Visual Basic Editor in Excel

On this page I present the Visual Basic Editor – an environment where you can edit recorded macros and write new macros and programs in Visual Basic for Applications. This is practically relevant workshop in which you write code programs.

Run the Editor

To run the Visual Basic Editor, you can use several ways:

To close the Visual Basic Editor can also be used several ways:

Project Window

Window Project (Project Explorer) look and feel like Windows Explorer. Displays a hierarchical list of all elements of the project, the window is used to move between elements of the project. To open the Visual Basic Editor Project window

The upper part of the window contains three buttons:

Properties Window

Window Properties (Properties) – displays properties that describe the selected (active) object, of course, the values of these properties can be changed in this way modifying the selected object. To the editor to display the Properties window:

In the upper part of the window’s drop-down list. This list gives the opportunity to select an object (by clicking on the arrow), whose properties you want to view. Here are two cards of the properties by which you can view the object properties alphabetically or by category.

The left column of each of the cards (as viewed from the user) is a set of parameters specifying the names of your element, while the right side is the size and characteristics of these parameters.

Code Window

Code window (Code program) – is used to write code in Visual Basic, as well as for viewing and editing program. This window is probably the most often used by us. You can open as many windows as a program code to the modules.

To the editor, open the code window, in the Project window, double-click the left mouse button the object. Another way is to select the corresponding object in the Project window and then:


In the upper part of the window we can distinguish two components:

It should be mentioned are the two buttons located at the bottom left of the window. Procedure View button that displays only the chosen procedure. The second button displays the Full Module View all of the code module. Between the windows described above, we can provide some dependencies:

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