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How to Update Values Without Using Formula

In Microsoft Excel, you can update values without using a formula by manually entering new values into a cell. I’ll show you how to update values in cells without using a formula.

Data preparation

I prepared a Sales Report.

But I did it wrong. It should be doubled. How to correct it without formula?

Type 2 into cell and copy it.

Next select values.

Updating values

Then right click and choose Paste special. Dialog box appears.

Click Multiply and OK.

Wow! Values are updated… without any formula.

Every value is now doubled.

Be careful using this trick. You can’t undo this operation after saving file.

How to Change Formula to Value?

You can also want to change formula to the value. Exchanging formula to value is very easy, and an act that can be easily performed.

Layout the values.

Note: These values would be the source that make creating formula a possibility. You may skip this step if you have formula available.

Click on an empty cell (1), and create the formula (2), any formula of your choice.

Click on that value showing (1), press CTRL + C to copy it, then right click on the mouse on an empty cell (2), paste special (3), and choose paste values (4).

You can also use keyboard shortcut ALT + E + S + V.

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