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How to Refresh Data in Pivot Table

In this Excel tutorial, you learn how to refresh pivot table with new data. You need this to analyze the data after the update.

Pivot Table data preparation

Click any cell in the pivot table.

After clicking the cell, Pivotable Tools will appear in the toolbar. Click Analyze under pPivottable Tools.

Refreshing pivot table data

Click refresh to refresh your data in the pivot tables. This will refresh the data in the pivot table with the latest data in the source range.

Note: For large pivot tables, it may take a long time.

To have refreshed data by default, go to PivotTable Options and tick the “Refresh data when opening the file” option.

You may think about unticking this option when you are opening the huge datasets many times a day. Refreshing may be a major part of your workday.

Refreshing a pivot table from a different data source

If you want to refresh a pivot table from a different data source, you can do so by following these steps:

  1. Right-click the pivot table and select Change Data Source.
  2. In the Change Data Source dialog box, select the new data source and click OK.

This will refresh the pivot table with the data from the new data source.

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