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Kj to kcal and kcal to kj converter

Converting energy measurements between kilojoules (kJ) and kilocalories (kcal) can be easily done using Microsoft Excel. I show you how to convert kJ to kcal and kcal to kJ using the Microsoft Excel application.

Convert using simple division

The number 4.184 is key in these conversions. To convert from kJ to kcal, divide the value by 4.184. Conversely, to convert from kcal to kJ, multiply the value by 4.184. This method is straightforward and can be quickly done with basic Excel operations.

Conversion using CONVERT Excel function

Excel’s CONVERT function simplifies the process by automating the conversion based on specified units. This method reduces the chances of error and eliminates the need for manual calculations. The syntax is:


For kJ to kcal conversion, use “kJ” for unit1 and “cal” for unit2, and vice versa.

Convert using VBA code

For a more tailored approach, Excel’s VBA code offers customization and automation. Below is a VBA function to convert kJ to kcal:

Function ConvertKJToKcal(kj As Double) As Double
ConvertKJToKcal = kj * 0.239006
End Function
Sub ConvertKJToKcalMain()
Dim kj As Double, kcal As Double
kj = InputBox("Enter the number of kilojoules (kJ) to convert to kilocalories (kcal):")
If IsNumeric(kj) Then
kcal = ConvertKJToKcal(kj)
MsgBox kj & " kilojoules (kJ) is equal to " & kcal & " kilocalories (kcal)", vbInformation, "Kilojoules to Kilocalories Conversion"
MsgBox "Invalid input! Please enter a valid number.", vbExclamation, "Error"
End If
End Sub

The custom functions in the Visual Basic module handle the conversion by applying the appropriate formula, which makes the conversion process easier and more efficient. This method also allows you to modify the conversion formulas if needed, by simply editing the code in the module.

Convert kJ to BTU and kcal to BTU

1 BTU is equal to 0.0009478 kJ or 0.000239 kcal, making it easy to calculate. Luckily, there is an Excel formula which converts kJ to BTU and kcal to BTU.

=cell*0.0009478 for kJ to BTU
=cell*0.000239 for kcal to BTU

It will convert 1000 kJ to 0.9478 BTU and 1000 kcal to 0.239 BTU.

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