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How to solve your account is in a bad state

If you are seeing a message that says “Your account is in a bad state” in Excel, it could be due to a variety of reasons. Here are a few things you can try to solve this issue:

  1. Clear Excel cache: Excel uses a cache to store temporary files and settings, and sometimes these files can become corrupted or cause issues. Clearing the cache can help resolve these issues. The location of the cache folder may vary depending on your version of Office, but the steps to clear it are similar. Close Excel before deleting the cache files, as they may be in use by Excel. To do this, close Excel and navigate to the following folder: C:\Users%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\16.0\OfficeFileCache. Delete the contents of this folder, and then restart Excel.
  2. Repair Office: Repairing Office can help fix issues with Excel or other Office applications. To repair Office, go to Control Panel > Programs and Features, find Microsoft Office in the list, and then click Change. Choose Repair and follow the instructions. This process may take some time to complete, so be patient.
  3. Disable add-ins: Add-ins can provide extra functionality in Excel, but sometimes they can cause issues or conflicts with other add-ins. Disabling them can help determine if they are the cause of the issue. To disable add-ins, go to File > Options > Add-Ins, and then select Excel Add-ins from the Manage dropdown. Click Go, and then uncheck all the boxes. Restart Excel and check if the issue is resolved. If it is, try re-enabling add-ins one at a time to determine which one is causing the issue.
  4. Check for updates: Microsoft regularly releases updates for Office to fix bugs and add new features. To check for updates, go to File > Account > Update Options. You can choose to update Office automatically or manually. If there are any updates available, follow the instructions to install them.
  5. Reinstall Excel: If none of the above steps work, you may need to uninstall and reinstall Excel. This can be done through the Control Panel. Keep in mind that uninstalling and reinstalling Office can be a time-consuming process, so make sure to back up any important files before proceeding.

If none of these steps work, you may need to contact Microsoft support for further assistance. They may be able to provide additional troubleshooting steps or help you resolve the issue.

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