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How to Define a Custom Number Format in Excel

In Excel, you can define custom number formats to display numbers in a specific way. This can be useful for formatting currency, percentages, dates, and times.

You will learn how to define a custom number format in Excel. You will also learn about the most commonly used codes for custom number formats.

Number format creation

To define a custom number format prepare the data.

Select the cells that you want to format.

Click the Format Cells button.

In the Number tab, select the Custom category. In the Type field, enter the custom format code.

Most commonly used codes

Some of the most commonly used codes include:

When defining a custom number format, you can combine these codes to create a format that meets your specific needs.

Custom formant examples

Here are some examples of custom number formats:

Note: You can even format colors. Just write [color]

How to Format Date and Time?

How to Easily Format Date and Time in Excel Format of date and time can be tough, but it will easily be performed together with me, follow me as I format date and time.

Date formatting

Click on a cell, type in =DATE(2014(year);10(month);05(day)).

Time formatting

Click on another empty cell, and type in =TIME(hour;minutes;seconds), and finally press enter.

Right click on the time, and choose format cells.

Click on date, and choose desired format.

Repeat previous step, but this time choose time, the type you want.

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