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How to Calculate Correlation in Excel

The correlation coefficient is a statistical measure that represents the strength and direction of the relationship between two variables.

In Microsoft Excel, you can calculate the correlation coefficient using the CORREL function. I will show you how to calculate the correlation coefficient in Excel and how to interpret the results.

Gather Your Data

To calculate the correlation coefficient, you will need two columns of data that are related to each other. You could use the unit price and quantity of sold units to determine if there is any correlation between them.

Enter the Formula

Once you have gathered your data, you can enter the formula for the correlation coefficient in Excel.

The formula is as follows: =CORREL(range1, range2)

For example, if your data is in cells A1:A14 and B1:B14, you would use the following formula:


Interpret the Results

The correlation coefficient, which can range from -1 to 1, reveals the nature of the relationship between the two variables:

Interpreting values between -1 and 1 can be nuanced:

Remember that correlation does not imply causation. Even if a strong correlation is observed, it does not necessarily mean that changes in one variable cause changes in the other.

You can download free Correlation Calculator template here

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