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How to Use Combo Box in Excel

In this Excel tutorial lesson, you will learn how to insert a combo box into your spreadsheet.

A combo box is a type of drop-down list from which you can choose one option. As for the button, you can assign macro to your Combo Box, which starts after the change of the selected value from the list. But more often, the Combo Box is filled with data from cells.

The data source for the list range is arranged in a single column of cells. The cell link returns the ordinal number of the selected item in the list.

Add a Combo Box to the Worksheet (form controls)

To add a Combo Box on an Excel worksheet, first go to the Excel Ribbon. Click Developer > Insert > Combo Box (in the Form Controls section).

Click on your worksheet where you want to add the Combo Box.

A combo box is inserted.

Next, right-click and go to Format Control.

A Format Object dialog box appears. Go to Control tab.

Your combo box is ready.

You can use this Combo Box to create dynamic chart or formula in Excel.

Add a Combo Box to the Worksheet (ActiveX controls)

Click on the combo box icon in the “ActiveX Controls” group.

Drag a combo box onto your Excel worksheet.

To add items to your combo box, right-click on it (make sure design mode is selected) and click on “View Code”.

You will now see this window.

Write the following piece of code between.

Private Sub ComboBox1_Initialize()
With Sheet1.ComboBox1
.AddItem "Paris"
.AddItem "New York"
.AddItem "London"
End With
End Sub

After writing the above code, you can close the window from the upper right.

Note: If your combo box is located on sheet1 then write “With Sheet1.ComboBox1”. If it’s on sheet3 then write “With Sheet3.ComboBox1”. You can add as many items as you like using the .AddItem “London”.

This is the result.

Now suppose you would like to link your combo box to a cell E3 for example. Right-click on the combo box (make sure design mode is selected) and select properties. In “linkedCell” write E3.

That’s it! You have now successfully created a combo box drop-down menu.

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