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How to Create Charts with Filtered Data in Excel

We will learn to create graphs which can be handled by data filters to look more easy and customizable.

Data preparation

Let us create a chart data for 2 products with different categories.

We have the cost and profit values in this chart. Convert this data to tables to make it more accessible.

The table lools like follows:

The chart

Create a chart from the same now:

The chart will look like this:

Now we can easily filter the category as shown below:

After filtering the graph will look like this:

We can also try to remove a product from the list of products.

Please note that this is a small table but for more number of products and more categories it will be very handy to filter the table and how it reflects on the charts instantly:

PRoduct disappeared from the chart:

We can insert slicer like this also:

This is how slicers look like:

It will very easy to click on the slicer values instead of the filtering:

Please find attached Excel file for reference.

How to Use Slicers to Filter Charts

Slicers are a powerful tool that can be used to filter charts. They allow you to quickly and easily select the data that you want to see in a chart.

To use slicers to filter a chart, you first need to add slicers to the chart. You can do this by right-clicking on the chart and selecting Add Slicer.

Once you have added slicers to the chart, you can select the data that you want to see in the chart by clicking on the slicers. For example, if you have a chart that shows sales data for different products, you can use slicers to select the data for a specific product or a range of products.

Slicers are a great way to make charts more interactive and informative. They can be used to focus on specific data points, compare different data sets, and identify trends and patterns in your data.

Here are some additional tips for using slicers to filter charts:

By following these tips, you can use slicers to make your charts more interactive and informative.

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