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How to calculate variance using the Data Analysis Toolpak Add-In?

Variance is a measure of how spread out the values are in a dataset. It is calculated by averaging the squared deviations from the mean. A higher variance indicates greater variability among the values, while a lower variance indicates less variability.

There is also a possibility to calculate the Variance without using an Excel formula. Instead of the Var.S formula, you will use an Excel add-in.

The Data Analysis Toolpak Add-In is a free add-in that can be installed in Excel. It provides a number of statistical functions, including the ability to calculate variance.

Calculating Variance using the Data Analysis Toolpak Add-In

Navigate to the Data Tab on the Ribbon. Click the Data Analysis button.

A new window appears. Choose Descriptive Statistics.

Enter the proper parameters:

And this is how you can see my Statistics summary. Sample variance is calculated in row 8.

The variance will be displayed in a table with additional information such as the count, mean, and standard deviation of the data. If you need to calculate variance for your data, the Data Analysis Toolpak Add-In is a great option.

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