Define Name

In this lesson you will learn how to define name to cells and ranges. It will help you to use these names in your formulas. You can use these defined names as variables.

You can assign names to cells and ranges in Excel. For you it is much better to use name than just address of cells.  It looks also much more professional. Cell named 'Sales' or range of cells named 'Sales_Atlanta' are certainly a lot easier to remember and identify than the corresponding cell addresses A1 or A2:B20.

You can use defined name in formulas and functions instead of cell addresses. When you move a cell or range of cells possessing different place name in the worksheet, Excel automatically updates all the necessary formulas and references.

Defining name of cells (or range of cells):

  1. Select cell (or range) you want to name.

    Define Name Range

  2. Go to Ribbon. Click the Formulas tab.
  3. Go to Defined names section. Click Define Name.

    Define Name Ribbon

  4. Dialog box appears. Fill in.

    Define Name New Name

  5. Your name is defined. You can see it here.

    Define Name Done

You can also define name in other way. Use this method to define name of ranges. Header will become names of range.


Create from Selection:

  1. Select range of cells you want to name (with header!).

    Define Name Example

  2. Go to Ribbon. Click the Formulas tab. 
  3. Go to Defined names section. Click Create from Selection button.Define Name Create from Selection
  4. Dialog box appears. Click proper check box.

    Create Names from Selection

  5. Name is defined.

    Define Name Ready

Before you learnt how to define names, you have used such formulas: =SUM(A1:B2)

Now, you can use such formulas: =SUM(ExampleName,BestExcelTutorialExample). Excel remembers names which you defined. Excel will help you as you see at the picture below.

Define Names Formulas

Excel shows your names the same such functions. Just use names and create functions incredibly easy.