Dynamic pivot table which refresh automatically

Creating a dynamic PowerPivot table that refresh automatically begins with this kind of data:

data table

1. Select data

select data

2. Click on Insert (1), and Table (2).

insert table

3. Click ok after checking My Table has Headers.

my table has headers


Note: Leave the data marked, after following this step.

4. Click on insert tab (1), and choose Pivot Table (2).

insert pivot table


Note: Click on http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=102 to download PowerPivot, if needed.

5. Click ok

create pivot table

6. Choose the fields on the right.

choose fields

7. Click on any part of the PowerPivot, analyze (1), and Options under PivotTable Name (2).

analyze options

8. Choose Data (1), and Check on Refresh Data When Opening the File (2), then click ok.

refresh pivot table