How to calculate p value in Excel

In this Excel tutorial you will teach yourself how to calculate p value in Excel.

P-value is a probability that the given result is due to chance.

The correct interpretation of the statistical significance score P tells about the probability of getting the difference we see in our study, or even greater if the null hypothesis is actually true.

How to calculate p value in Excel?

To calculate p-value use Data Analysis Toolpak add-in.

Here's how to add the analysis toolpak on excel.

First prepare your data. I have two sets of value how many hours students studied to the exam and their exam scores.

Click Data Analysis button and choose Regression.

Excel p value Data Analysis Regression

Put input values. In my example Y Range are hours studied and X Range is for exam scores.

As and Output Range choose where would you like to put results of Regression analysis in your sheet.

Excel p value Data Analysis Regression input values

Here there are results of regression analysis. 

Excel P Value summary output

P value of exam score is exactly 0.012304189.

You got also other values like Standard Error and Anova test.

How to interpret p value?

See the p value:

  • Significant: <=0.05
  • Marginally significant: <=0.1
  • Insignificant: >0.1

In my example it is significant because 0.012304189 is less than 0.05. It was worth to study hard to get better exam score.

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