This is a testing that make it possible to test if two range are equal to one another. This begin with having a data ready, which would look like this:

data table

1. Click on Data on the top, beside formula.

2. Click Data analysis.

ribbon data analysis

Note: The data analysis is quite standard. But if it does not show under the data, then it is more likely that it has not been added, which could be done by clicking on File > Options > Add-Ins > Clicking Go on the down side when manage shows Excel Add-ins, and then choosing Data Analysis, and it will be ready.

3. Browse the Data Analysis, and choose the t-text: two-sample assuming unequal variances (1), and press ok (2).

ttext two-sample assuming unequal variances

4. Select the data for the two columns (1), write 0 in the Hypothesized mean difference (2), select the cell desired in the output range (3), and press ok (4).

hypothesis test

And this is how to handle Hypothesis Testing in Excel.