Pivot table

In this lesson you can learn how to use pivot tables in Excel.

Excel can be used not only to the doing calculations and creating charts. Excel is also used for data analysis. You have a table with data about sales in the sample company.

Excel pivot tables example table

Table columns are:

  • date
  • country
  • employee
  • customer
  • product
  • expenses
  • revenues

The table contains 2000 rows of data. How to read something with such a large amount of data? Use the Pivot Table.

Warning! The table does not contain any empty cells!

Create a Pivot Table begins from a ribbon. Go to the 'Insert'. Pivot Table is the first button on the left. Press it and select 'Pivot Table'. Another possibility is to use the keyboard shortcut ALT + N + V + T.

Excel pivot tables ribbon piovt tables button

Dialog box appears. As a range, select the table. Pivot Table best to create a new worksheet.

Excel pivot tables dialog box Create PivotTable

There was a tool to create a Pivot Table.

Excel pivot tables field list tool

How to use it? Simply move the fields you want to analyze.

Example - Pivot Table of revenues

You want to analyze how to handle individual sellers in different countries. In the field 'label lines' drag employee in the field 'column labels' countries, and the values will be for revenues.

Excel pivot tables choose fields add report

Pivot Table that you created looks like this:

Excel pivot tables pivot table ready

Incredible! Simple and quick. Data analysis is much easier thanks to Pivot Tables.

Pivot Tables are very useful. Learning how to use them will give you many opportunities.