How to move column?

In this Excel tutorial you will teach yourself how to move columns. This easy trick can save a bunch of your time.

Column introduction

So you have a table with data like this below.

Sales Report move column

Suddenly, when whole table is ready, you've just realized that Id column should be first.

How to move a column?

Drag and drop

See how to move C column to be first one (instead of Month).

Select C column with your mouse. Just move the mouse over C column and left-click once.

Select C column to move

Move the mouse to the left edge of the first cell in this column. Cursor should look like in the picture below.

Cross cursor column move trick

Next press and hold SHIFT on your keybord. Than drag and drop C column on left to the A column. In this way C column will moved to A.

Column C moved to A

Excel is intuitive. The only thing you did not know is probably SHIFT key.

Copy the column

Alternatively, you can also move a column by using these steps:

  • Select the entire column you want to move by clicking on the column letter at the top of the worksheet.
  • Right-click on the selected column and choose "Cut" or "Copy".
  • Right-click on the column where you want to move the selected column and choose "Insert Cut Cells" or "Insert Copied Cells".
  • The selected column will be inserted at the new location, and the columns to the right will be shifted to the right to make room.

I hope that thanks to Best Excel Tutorial you know how to move columns in Excel.