Making Employee Timesheet in Excel

There are not many steps to creating a timesheet, and none of them are particularly hard.

Preparation of labels

Layout the labels, which means stating everything that the timesheet needs to cover.

Layout the labels

Put a date under the column labeled day.

Put a date under the column

Press the small square, and drag it to cover all days.

Press the small square

Enter the times they begin, break, and when their time is up.

Input the time

The formula

Click under the total time (1), and type =E2-D2+C2-B2 (2), and press enter.

Click under the total time

Mark cells b2 to f2 (1), and double click on the small square (2).

Mark cell

Note: This is the easiest way to do it. Follow this step if the work hours are the same. If the work-hours are not, then I would recommend you input them row by row.