How to Sort Out Blank Rows?

The sorting out blank rows comes down to one thing, how many they are, and that if they should be there or not. But first, have a look at this rows with both filled and empty rows:

sort out data table

Mark the whole data.

mark whole table

Press CTRL + G and click Special


Choose Blanks


Press Home (1), Choose a color with Cell Styles (2).

cell styles

Note: Give the blank cells a unique color. It is recommended that you'd use only one color in the actual data.

Mark the whole data again.

mark data again

Click on Data (1), and then on Sort (2).

click data sort

Choose a category in Sort by (1), choose cell color on Sort On (2), No Cell Color in order (3), On Top (4), and then press ok.

no cell color

Choose all the colored rows, right click on the marked rows (2), and choose delete (3).

delete blanks