How to Format Date and Time?

How to Easily Format Date and Time in Excel Format of date and time can be tough, but it will easily be performed together with me, follow me as I format date and time.

Date formatting

Click on a cell (1), type in =DATE(2014(year);10(month);05(day)) (2), and press enter.

Format Date type date

Time formatting

Click on another empty cell (1), and type in =TIME(hour;minutes;seconds) (2), and finally press enter.

Format Time type time

Right click on the time, and choose format cells.

Format Date and Time format cells

Click on date (1), and choose desired format (2), before clicking ok.

Format Date choose format

Repeat previous step, but this time choose time (1), the type you want (2), and then press ok (3).

Format time choose time format

With that knowledge you will be able to use date duration calculator without any problems.