How Do You Work with Comments in Excel

In this lesson you will learn how to use your comments in Excel. In Excel, comments can be added to cells to provide additional context or information about the data in the cell. Here are the steps to add, edit and delete comments in Excel:

Inserting comments

Comments are functionality, which allows you to store text information about the data contained in certain cells of the worksheet.

To add a comment, right-click the cell and select "Insert Comment". Type the comment in the comment box that appears.


To edit a comment, right-click the cell with the comment and select "Edit Comment".

If you want to change the content of the comment, format it, or delete, the cell must be re-click the right mouse button. You'll see that in the context menu there are new entries to permit above steps. The last of them Show / Hide Comments will simultaneously display the comments on a permanent basis (or hide them again later). With this feature, you do not move the mouse to turn on all the cells that store comments to see them.

Deleting comments

To delete a comment, right-click the cell with the comment and select "Delete Comment".

Printing comments

By default, comments do not appear on the print - serving only storing text information that is complementary to display the contents of a cell. However, if you want to print them, this option can be set to the settings on the sheet.

Note: You can also show/hide comments by selecting "Review" from the top menu, then selecting "Show/Hide Comment".

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